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Hi, I’m Edward Yu. I’m currently Head of Quantitative Research at Genesis Trading, one of the largest crypto trading firms in the world. I joined Genesis after the acquisition of Qu Capital, a quantitative trading firm that I co-founded. Prior to that, I worked on data science at Facebook and was a ML researcher at Columbia’s Data Science Institute. I graduated with a BS in applied mathematics from Columbia University in 2017. You may find some of the links below helpful. Contact me at edwardy20@gmail.com.



TPOT stands for Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool. TPOT is an AutoML library using genetic programming and is mainly supported by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. I am an open-source contributor to this project.


I focus on projects in applied machine learning, Bayesian statistics, or quantitative finance. Feel free to reach out!

Qu Capital

A quantitative trading firm focused on cryptocurrencies. Acquired by Genesis Trading in 2019.


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