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Life Advice From Brian

Mountain pass

This past winter break, a few friends and I decided to take a road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver. While en route, our car got stuck on a frozen mountain road in Northern California. We would’ve been in dire straits but luckily a man named Brian offered to give us a ride to the next town (4 hours away). As we sat in his car, Brian gave us endless amounts of advice. I’m jotting it down here for posterity.

Practical Advice

  • Laundry is a dirty business. Laundry services will not hestitate to tack on fees for stains that do not exist.
  • As a salesperson, give free samples to employees, then they will convince the boss to buy your product. This is way better than giving samples to the boss because the boss implicitly trusts his employees, and the recommendation is organic.
  • If you want someone to do something quickly, use the magic phrase “When you get the chance.” This makes them feel like they are imposing on you if they do not do it.
  • When trying to negotiate, make an offer in cash and hand it to the other person, and they will impulsively take it. You can use this tactic to get discounts.
  • Sell furniture on Craigslist. And truck boxes. These have big margins.
  • If you see a Honda generator, buy it. For some reason, they’re always in demand.
  • Always keep cinder blocks in your car. This gives your car better traction in the snow.

Life Advice

  • America has a deficit of two things: money and common sense.

Relationship Advice

  • Marriage isn’t 50-50. It’s 100-100.
  • Happy wife, happy life.